Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers.


+ How can I find out about upcoming events?

+ What can I do if one of my clients won’t pay me?

+ What are the requirements of membership?

+ When will I receive a Freelancers Union membership card?

+ Where are benefits available?

+ How do I become a member of Freelancers Union?

+ How much does membership cost?

+ What are the benefits of being a member?


+ How do I change my username and password?

+ What if I forget my username and/or password?

+ I'd like to stop by your office and talk to someone. Can I do that?

+ How do I get a new or replacement insurance card?

Dental Insurance

+ When I visit a dentist, are there any claim forms to fill out?

+ Do all my covered family members have to go to the same network or non-network dentists?

+ What does usual, customary, and reasonable mean?

+ How do I end my coverage?

+ When can I end my coverage?

+ How do I find a dentist in my area?

+ Why is the rate for plans with Freelaners Medical higher than normal plan rates?

+ How can I get dental insurance?

+ When can I switch plans?

+ Can I add or remove a child, spouse, or domestic partner from my plan?

+ What dependants can I enroll?

+ When does my coverage start?

+ I currently have health insurance. How do I add dental insurance?

+ Can I visit any general dentist I want under the MDG Plan?

+ What if I want to change my dental office after I've picked one? Is there a limit to how many times I can change?

+ What if I need to see a specialist?

+ What is meant by the term 'patient charge'?

+ When I visit a plan dentist, are there any claim forms to fill out?

+ Can I visit any dentist or specialist under the PPO Plan?

+ What is an annual maximum?

+ What is coinsurance?

+ What is a negotiated fee-for-service?

Life Insurance

+ How much life insurance do I need?

+ When will my coverage go into effect?

+ Can I increase my life insurance amount at a later date?

+ How are life insurance rates determined?

Disability Insurance

+ What is not covered?

+ Will my long-term disability plan cover a work-related injury?

+ What about Worker's Compensation and Social Security?

+ How often will I receive a disability benefit check?

+ Will my disability benefit check be taxable?

+ Why do I need disability and life insurance?

+ Will my health status be considered in the application?

+ Will payments from other sources affect the amount of disability benefits paid to me?

+ If I become disabled, how soon will my benefit begin?

+ How will I know I'm enrolled in the life insurance plan of my choice?

+ Once I receive long-term disability benefits, will my premiums be waived?

+ What exactly will my disability plan cover?

Retirement Plan

+ Do premium rates remain level or do they increase as I get older?

+ Who is eligible for the Freelancers Retirement Plan?

+ What are the benefits of joining the Freelancers Retirement Plan?

+ Who are you partnering with to offer this 401(k) plan?