Electing Allies

Freelancers Union members are forming an organized political constituency to build a support system for the new workforce. By endorsing candidates and pushing for legislative change, we're creating a powerful political voice.


Get Involved

Help us raise $100,000 by the 2012 general elections to make sure freelancer-friendly candidates are elected.


Get involved in our election activities to support candidates that support freelancers.

For Candidates

Looking for the Freelancers Union endorsement? The first step is to complete a candidate questionnaire.

Our Endorsement Process

  1. Candidates who are interested in receiving the Freelancers Union endorsement should submit their responses to a questionnaire about issues that our members care about, ranging from unemployment protection to access to affordable health insurance.
  2. Freelancers Union members and staff will interview candidates.
  3. The Freelancers Union Endorsement Committee, comprised of staff, members, and partner organizations, will determine the final endorsed candidates based on the questionnaire responses and interviews.
  4. Freelancers Union will notify candidates of the endorsement.

What the Freelancers Union Endorsement Means

Freelancers Union supports candidates who support the 42 million independent workers that make up the new workforce. All of our endorsed candidates are highlighted on our website and in communications to our 170,000 members nationwide. We offer additional support for some candidates, including get-out-the-vote efforts with member volunteers and political contributions.