Fair Taxation

It's official: taxes are the least fun part of freelancing. The rules are too complex, the schedule's a pain, and freelancers usually pay more than traditional employees do. Let's change that!

What is the MTA Payroll Tax?

The payroll tax is a .34% tax on total net earnings for the self-employed who work in these counties

Freelancers have to pay the payroll tax on a different schedule than their quarterly income taxes, making it an even bigger hassle.

New York State just exempted all small businesses with an annual payroll under $1.25 million from the tax. But they left out the self-employed, who will still have to pay the tax if they make more than $50,000.

Making it Fair for Freelancers

In January 2012, Freelancers Union Executive Director Sara Horowitz wrote a letter to Governor Cuomo, urging him to make the law fair for independent workers. We're also working with Senators Lanza and Squadron and Assemblywoman Millman to pass legislation (S6330C/A9314C) so fewer freelancers will have to pay this tax.