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"There was no formality to this company's hiring process. I was called in and hired to do make-up for a big wedding. After the trial was done I was told we were all set for the wedding day, then 2 days before, I get texted from the Spa Manager that I am no longer needed. The next day I get a text to call the Spa Manager. I am told they want me for make-up, but now instead of 7 I'm only doing 3. I did my job got my money which was way less than agreed, but there was no contract. Lesson learned. I got called again by this Spa Manager to do another big wedding, when I asked for a contract she failed to reply. Then when the wedding date got close, she told me that I needed to be there at a certain time. Since she never gave me or wanted to do a written contract with me I booked that date with another client whom did give me a contract. The Spa Manager insulted me over text and said that she would ruin my reputation (although I did nothing wrong). I investigated and spoke with other make-up artists in the area and it seemed all of us had the same problem with this Spa Manager at The Ford Plantation. We couldn't get anything done, but I am hoping now through this, that others will be able to see what type of people they are. Extremely unprofessional and inconsiderate to those working Freelance."

Reviewed on 5/09/2014

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