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"Animal Fair Media, a consumer life-style oriented web publication focusing on pets and animal rescue, is run by an extremely unprofessional, cruel, and disorganized individual named Wendy Diamond. I was hired as an Editorial Assistant and later misclassified as an independent contractor. She eventually claimed that I had been fired from the initial position after one week. I was never informed of said 'firing,' however, and my duties did not change at any point during the 4+ weeks I worked there. In Ms. Diamond's eyes, misclassifying me allowed her to pay me far less than minimum wage for projects that she claimed took a fraction of the time they actually required. When I inquired about payment, she repeatedly claimed that my invoices were being 'processed,' when in fact they had never even been sent to her accountant. After becoming aware of her dishonesty, I quit. She then claimed that she did not owe me for all work to date because it was not 'finished,' and that the hourly rate ceased to apply to work done after I had been 'fired.' Only after I established a legal argument and explained my rights repeatedly did she pay me roughly 60% of what I am owed. I continue to send invoices, which are typically met with the response that I am "trying to take advantage" of their company. Avoid Animal Fair Media and Wendy Diamond at all costs. "

Reviewed on 5/09/2014

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