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"I queried on one topic and was told that another writer had already been assigned that topic. I think this may have actually been the truth, but it's hard to tell. I queried again, and was given the green light, along with a written e-mail agreement with the pay and deadline, and was given the word count and preliminary deadline by phone. I sent an e-mail with some more details by the due date (the preliminary deadline), which was ignored for weeks, as was a follow-up phone call. Then, after I'd put hours of research into the piece, the editor decided the article wasn't a good fit after all. In this instance, I think the editor is simply ignorant rather than intentionally trying to screw over freelancers, since she was visibly confused when I mentioned quantum meruit, did not know what a kill fee (or lack of kill fee) was, and actually seemed legitimately unaware of the fact that an e-mail agreement is legally binding. Even though the unprofessional behavior displayed by this magazine is due to inexperience/ignorance rather than malice, I'd recommend caution when dealing with this magazine. The pay is already extremely low, and not knowing whether the editor will randomly change her mind about pieces she assigned (just kidding!) makes the pay offered not worth it, IMO. The magazine appears to be struggling financially, and hopefully they'll take that into account *before* assigning pieces, rather than after, in the future."

Reviewed on 5/09/2014

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