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"There is a lot of work available on this site and it is fairly flexible as you can just take jobs once you are accepted into the system. However, you work through a set of administrators, who treat the writers very badly and are very unprofessional. They also have a system where they can fine you and take away whatever money you have earned if they decide that your writing isn't up to standard with any paper. In two weeks time, they have managed to fine me up to $250 - $300 of what I had already earned. I've found that this system, which they call a "dispute," is automatically generated to take out a percentage of money at given times. They also have a lot of "problems with payment" and I'm always paid at least 1 week late and am always paid only 50% of my outstanding balance. I wouldn't recommend working with them."

Reviewed on 5/09/2014

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