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Traci K., consulting sponsor for government area marketing, cleveland, OH

"this company hired me through their consulting department and asked me to help in matters of government relations with financial funding in return I was to market with a sponsored check to me for the marketing of $3500 the check was sent to me on time for sponsorship payment for athlete promotion and the check bounced. I asked for a repay with several invoices and contact the third party department and was ran around to other offices since they have so many they said they do not handle the checks paid to third party consultants they states many times over the phone and online they would send the payment with my fees and interest from the bounced check til this day they never did and they also got government funding contracts of millions i ask that please help me report them and get this for companies who sponsored many charities or athletes or government then bounce their checks is terrible. and unpatriotic and I am a military family member "

Reviewed on 5/09/2014

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