Show Love for Freelancers

A virtual fundraising gala for Freelancers Union

Show Love for Freelancers

In 1995, Freelancers Union was founded with a simple, if monumental, goal: To build a community of independent workers and create better conditions for freelancers of all kinds across the U.S. Back then, it was clear that freelancing was the future..

In the 25 years since our founding, we've grown to represent more than 500,000 freelancers. Together, we've fought for first-of-its-kind legislation to protect freelancers from nonpayment. We've launched local community groups across the country. We've built a space where freelancers of all stripes can come together to learn and work together, free of charge. And we're not done yet.

As we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, we know more and more people will be turning to freelance work to meet the needs of their families, to hold on to their independence, and to build a working life on their terms. We want to be there for them - and you - every step of the way.

We are a member-driven organization, meaning this work is made possible through the actions of you, our Freelancers Union members.

We thank you for your contribution.

Welcome to the party!

Freelancers Union president Rafael Espinal welcomes you to our virtual gala. Below, you'll hear from Freelancers Union members just like you about how our community has served them, as well as a performance by Jeanette Andrews, a freelance illusionist, and special words from the CEO of Metroplus Dr. Tayla Schwartz. Do you have a Freelancers Union story to share? Please use #ShowLoveForFreelancers on social media.

Our Freelancers Union community

Freelancer Justine Sweetman.
Freelancer Chi Osse
Freelancers Union founder Sara Horowitz
Freelancer Jalen Vasquez
Freelancers Union president Rafael Espinal
Freelancer Zoe Lintzeris
MetroPlusHealth CEO Dr. Talya Schwartz

Thank you for joining us! We truly appreciate your support. If our stories resonate with you, please consider becoming a recurring donor. If every member gave just one dollar, it would make a huge difference for our community. Can you contribute today?

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