No Response From Editors on Local Story

I interviewed a local business owner on his sustainable fair trade business. I asked a local business journal if they would be interested in printing it. I was told that the fair trade aspect of the business would be of interest and to submit it. After two months of follow-up emails, I finally heard back that the editor didn't know what to do with it. I confirmed that I had permission to submit it elsewhere.

I was introduced to an editor at another local publication who said in their correspondence to the person who introduced us that this magazine was looking for freelance writers to provide content on fair trade, sustainable products. I submitted this article and after months of follow-up emails have heard back absolutely nothing.

I contacted another editor whom I've met at several sustainable events and runs a local magazine on sustainable products and ideas. I attached the story and again, have heard nothing back.

Is this typical for this industry? Any thoughts/insights on what's going on and where to look for the right home for this story are greatly appreciated!