Hey people

Fiction author, freelance writer and proofreader here.

Most relevant to this hive, I do:

1. Guest blog posts on science fiction/fantasy, tabletop RPGs and related topics. I will sometimes consider working just for a link and a byline or a link to one of my books, depending on blog traffic, etc.

2. Proofreading services, both fiction and non-fiction. Fiction is preferred, but I'll proofread almost anything (no material which violates copyright, no PUA manuals, no promoting illegal activity). I DO proofread most erotica (a lot won't) with the line being underage characters, bestiality with actual animals (as opposed to werewolves and fur kink), snuff and graphic rape. I WILL do bondage/kink/fetish ;). (I mention this because, again, a lot of proofreaders won't touch smut).

Can I help you out? ;).