International Community Doctrine

We are a diverse community of independent professionals spanning multiple industries and lifestyles working together to build a better freelance future.

Hives is a place to find gigs, network, share freelancing secrets, and create new solutions for the independent workforce.

Community Values


Cultivating respect for the independent workforce comes from within: As freelancers, we are committed to having integrity, ethics, and pride in the freelance lifestyle.


As stewards of the freelance community, we realize that in supporting the other freelancers and the future of freelancing, we support our own independent businesses.


We’re only as good as our network – which is built on the foundation of meaningful, reciprocal relationships.


We subscribe to a “Do it together” ethos and make economic decisions that have lasting benefits for the entire freelance community.


We’re committed to transformative social change through the power of networks. As freelancers, we’re always thinking outside the box – as part of the Hives community, we choose to apply that thinking to larger issues for the benefit of our own individual lifestyles and the greater freelance community.