Hello - can anyone tell me if there is a standard or best practice for termination clauses in an independent contractor agreement? Over the years I've signed agreements where I was required to give 10, 15, 30 days notice to terminate, and a few that didn't state my termination rights, a few that said either party could terminate at any time. A few days ago, a new potential client asked me to sign an agreement with a 30-day notice for termination, but it also included a clause stating that I could be responsible for damages to find another freelancer if I terminated early. This was enough to make me pause and reconsider what I've been signing all these years. What if I'm hit by a bus? There is a death in my family? Or the client is just crazy? I've had many tough clients in the past, and this has never been a problem on any of my signed contracts, but the new client is pushing back and saying no one has every questioned their 30-day clause either.

In my mind, either party should be able to terminate the agreement at any time, really. I did read something on the Internet stating that legally it's better to at least write in 3 days' notice (I guess so that there is no uncomfortable implication of *employment* at will), but why wouldn't a client want to get rid of a freelancer immediately as well if that person is not performing? Thanks in advance for any help!