Freelancers Union Almost Makes Tax Time Fun

What a great session last night. I love it when a plan comes together (um . . . I'm so original, right?). Our generous sponsors at Cove moved us to the big boy room to accommodate our larger crowd. We had quite a few new registrations who came out for our annual Freelance Tax Workshop.

We networked in the first minutes getting to know the web developers, videographers, writers, content specialist, social media experts (Hello Starlight DC!), designers, translators, musicians and (who did I miss?) more that form our thriving Washington, D.C. freelance community.

This year, Christine Hoffman, EA of On the Hill, LLC answered our questions and gave much insight on what's new in the land of taxes. Not only did she advise us on the nuances of some deductions (I am soooo giving out my biz card at coffee shops from now on! Macchiatos on me everyone!), but she also came with goodies.

As some of you know, Christine and I advise on using the Profit First method, promoted and promulgated by that prince of profit, Mike Michalowicz (Alliteration is a disease. Really). Christine gave away a signed copy of the original book to a lucky attendee - Evelyn Powers of

All in all, a great session and I hope to see you at our next meetup on April 5th, when we discuss the Fundamentals of Project Management.