Hive Guidelines

Hive Purpose

To share WordPress knowledge with freelancers using WordPress to run their websites. This includes sharing relevant news, technical help, and events of interest.

Technical Support

While I will try to answer your technical issues, let's remember that complex or specific troubleshooting scenarios are better suited for one of the support forums available: - for general self-hosted WordPress questions, or issues with free themes and plugins - for questions about theme or plugin development - for help with

For premium themes or plugins, use the forum or other support system provided by the developer.

Always first do a web or forum search for your issue. If you’re still stuck, post your issue in one of the troubleshooting forums, then provide people in this Hive with the link. I may delete support requests at my discretion if you don’t provide an external link.

If you want private help specifically from hive members, please post your request for help as a job posting or contract offer following the guidelines below.

If you ask for help with an issue that is then resolved, be courteous and let everyone know that the problem is solved so people don’t spend time researching an issue that you’ve already fixed.

Job/Contract Postings

Job posts/contract offers must be accompanied by:
• a URL or email address so that replies can be made outside of Freelancers Union
• an indication of whether the opportunity is paid or on a volunteer basis.

Job posts without these two pieces of information will be deleted.

If you decide to pursue any of the job/contract/volunteer or other offers posted in the hive, please do your background research. I do not vet or vouch for any of the opportunities posted here. Proceed at your own risk.

One Subject Per Post

Please stick to the original poster’s subject and try not to derail their original request or topic. Feel free to start a new thread for a new topic you might be inspired to discuss, rather than adding it in the comments.

Protect Your Confidential Data

This hive is public. Everything you write is accessible to anyone on the web. Please keep this in mind when posting.

Also, I discourage you from sharing passwords and logins with other members. Any site or server access you provide to others is done at your own risk.


The I will remove any post advertising or promoting something outside the scope of the group. Posters also risk being blocked from the hive.


The WordPress community in founded on being truly open for everyone. As a member of this community I am committed to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, class, language, physical ability, technical ability, etc.