Allena  Tapia (gardenwall publications)

Allena Tapia (gardenwall publications)

Grand Ledge, MI

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    Written communications focusing on education, nonprofits and intercultural fields.
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My Life

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As the years go by with the love of Art
All undiminished,
Thou shalt end thy days with a quiet heart,
Thy work is finished.

So the painter fashions a picture strong
That fadeth never,
And the singer singeth a wondrous song
That lives for ever.

Ambition and Art
Banjo Patterson

My Community

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I have a rendezvous with Life,
In days I hope will come,
Ere youth has sped, and strength of mind,
Ere voices sweet grow dumb.
I have a rendezvous with Life,
When Spring's first heralds hum.
Sure some would cry it's better far
To crown their days with sleep
Than face the road, the wind and rain,
To heed the calling deep.
Though wet nor blow nor space I fear,
Yet fear I deeply, too,
Lest Death should meet and claim me ere
I keep Life's rendezvous.

I have a Rendezvous With Life
Countee Cullen