Beth Voigt

Chicago, US

My work is invisible. The message gets attention.

About Me

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  • Graphic Designer

    My favorite word is "context," and I like to help make ideas happen. I'm interested in problem-solving and how people interact with information. I see design as the conduit through which humans and data are connected, letting me translate ideas and messages into beautiful and impactful visual representations. It's the furniture that makes a meeting more comfortable, or a tool that works so well you hardly notice it's there. Or maybe the best water slide ever.

My Life

  • Alpha Phi Omega

    I'm the advisory committee chair for the Sigma Sigma chapter at the University of Illinois at Chicago, as well as a brother and life member of the fraternity. The advisory committee serves as a valuable liaison and advocate for the chapter with the University, the community, scouting/youth organizations, and the national fraternity. Advisors are members of the chapter and of the fraternity, and have most rights and privileges of active membership.
  • Chicago Skeptics

    Chicago Skeptics is an entirely volunteer-run, informal group promoting critical thinking and skeptical inquiry in and around Chicago. Our entirely participant-supported group hosts monthly Meetups (Skeptics in the Pub), book clubs, museum outings, an annual Skepticamp “un-conference” and so much more. We try to keep as many of our events as possible FREE and accessible to anyone who would like to attend in order to promote skepticism, science, rationality and the free exchange of ideas among curious individuals.
  • Mad Art Lab

    Mad Art Lab is a group blog about the intersection of art, science and geek culture. All Mad Art Lab contributors are artists or creative adjacent, representing a wide variety of mediums and occupations including web-comics, music, writing, sculpting, crafting, engineering, costuming, coding, publishing, cooking, science, education and performance art.
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