Cassius Wright

Chicago, IL, US

The Traveler * Idea Man * Bon Vivant

About Me

  • Work
  • Idea Man, Jordana Wright Photography

    I like to design, create, and think about beautiful things. I create dollars from ideas, and ideas from inspiration. I derive inspiration from travel, art, design, social interaction, and by surrounding myself with incredible and talented individuals.
  • Event and Performance Design / Production

    I transport people to elegant, enchanting, and otherwise magnificent locations by creating complete worlds for them to exist within, and enjoy. Lighting, scenic elements, decor, props, fabrics, floral, furniture, sound, video, and entertainment of all varieties are my specialty. Translating dreams into reality is my passion.
  • Social Media Consultant

    Turning likes into money isn't easy, but I have my ways. Ask me about generating a company or individual-centric plan to network your complete Social Media presence into a money-making, client-finding, personality/brand enhancing machine....

My Life

  • Traveling

    At the end of the day, I'm truly just an explorer. I love few things more than packing a bag, hopping a flight, and finding something nobody has ever encountered before. Join us in Nicaragua this January!
  • Getting Paid

    That's why we're here folks! I LOVE cashing those checks, and the bigger, the better! If you'd like to send me one, please, just ask :)
  • Social Media

    I live for meeting new people and learning about their unique value and interests within the world. Some of the best human beings on the planet i first encountered on Social Media. It takes a fair amount of time to keep up with, but when you make an unbelievable new friend from it, you quickly learn that it's all worth while. I'd love to hear from you!
  • Learning

    I'm often required to step out of my comfort zone to pursue some of the bigger and crazier ideas we come up with. The best part is that I get to expand my horizons constantly, and discover how new information impacts existing ideas i have.
  • Creation

    I love to make things, digital, physical, or conceptual. The chance to leave a lasting impression on an individual or group of people by making something amazing is just too good to pass up. I'll be right back, I'm gonna go build something!
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