Sea Chapman

Phoenix, AZ, US

Everyone needs a good editor.

About Me

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  • Editor & Transcriptionist

    I offer developmental, content, line, and copyediting services for fiction (historical fiction, thriller or suspense, mystery or crime, science fiction, and fantasy novels), creative nonfiction (travelogues, memoirs, social commentaries, and histories), marketing copy, web content, résumés (curricula vitae), and more. I also offer transcription, localization (US/UK), and globalization services. I will start to offer indexing services soon, too.
  • Copywriter & Brand Strategist

    I create marketing copy, promotional text, and technical writing for a design firm in Los Angeles, California (USA) as well as providing brand identity analysis, business consulting, and marketing strategy services. I work with the creative director and lead designers on branding and advertising campaigns. I manage customer blogs and other social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc), and I also provide special writing and editing services to clientele for special projects, usually public relations work. I have provided graphic and web design services on request.

My Life

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