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    Generally I read widely, conduct research and interview experts in a field -- e.g. health care delivery, international development, public health awareness or prevention campaigns, biomedical research -- and write a story for clients: something that could be an op-ed, for instance, or a white paper or narrative or case study, ranging from 700 to 5000 words. Clients have included the World Bank, Dartmouth Center for Health Care Delivery Science, Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard School of Public Health, Whitehead Institute, Cambridge Health Alliance, and more. Related to and preceding that is many years' teaching expository and narrative writing in Harvard College and Harvard Extension School. Under my own name and while pursuing interests in literature, modern European history, politics, and culture, also travel and recreation (skiing), I have published nearly 100 essays, articles, op-eds, reviews and more (includes fiction and narrative nonfiction) in the leading newspapers and journals of the US, Britain and Australia.

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    Health Care Delivery; Higher Education; Literary Journalism; Postwar British Writers; Modern European History (particularly the Netherlands, Britain, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland); History of Recreation (particularly skiing and European tourism)
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