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    Hi I am Klark Green and I like Gold Flatware. The storage of gold flatware follows typically the same procedure as storage of other flatware. Use of a flatware chest is the best possible means of preventing the metal from losing its luster.Plating, in its simplest form, could mean that the whole silverware piece is coated with gold, while more conservative plating could leave out blades of knives and the tips of the fork-tines because they tend to chip more often. Most people also use gold to accentuate high embossments and engravings because gold seems to bring out the depth of a crest.
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    With silver, a little amount of negligence can be repaired; but with gold, you have to be extra careful when it comes to washing dishes because of the simple fact that gold is vulnerable to pit damages. The use of a dishwasher is strictly not allowed when it comes to gold silverware. Use of hands and a soft cloth with a mild acidic soap are the tools that are allowed for washing gold dishes. Extreme heat and cold could damage the dishes effectively – these cannot be used in microwaves.
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