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St Paul, MN, US

Organizational freak !

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  • Organizational Managment Consultant

    Responsible for developing and implementing programs that align workforce with key business strategies and initiatives. PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES Create and implement programs at work that connect employees with business goals. Create effective strategic planning methods. Identify data collection tools, data sources, benchmarks, and performance targets. Implement organizational effectiveness interventions. Help employees create project timelines and deadlines. Implement major changes in all aspects of operation. Develop methods of measuring if performance management aligns with organizational goals. Resolve conflict within groups. Diagnose potential organizational problem areas. Recommend training and development systems.
  • Business Development Consultant

    A Business Development Manager works to improve an organization’s market position and achieve financial growth. This person defines long-term organizational strategic goals, builds key customer relationships, identifies business opportunities, negotiates and closes business deals and maintains extensive knowledge of current market conditions. Strategic planning is a key part of this job description, since it is the business manager’s responsibility to develop the pipeline of new business coming in to the company. This requires a thorough knowledge of the market, the solutions/services the company can provide, and of the company’s competitors. While the exact responsibilities will vary from company to company, the main duties of the
  • Project Manager

    Main Job Tasks and Responsibilities lead the planning and implementation of project facilitate the definition of project scope, goals and deliverables define project tasks and resource requirements develop full scale project plans assemble and coordinate project staff manage project budget manage project resource allocation plan and schedule project timelines track project deliverables using appropriate tools provide direction and support to project team quality assurance constantly monitor and report on progress of the project to all stakeholders present reports defining project progress, problems and solutions implement and manage project changes and interventions to achieve project outputs project evaluations and assessment of results Project Manager Duties - Include: project management concept identify project stakeholders determine stakeholders needs and expectations prioritize demands establish clear set of project goals sequence activities to meet delivery dates produce detailed project schedule determine type, quantity and quality of resources required allocate resources and establish resource schedule determine budget and create financial plan define quality expectations and targets identify techniques for quality control and develop quality plan map risks, identify contingency actions and develop risk plan clarify completion criteria for each deliverable and develop acceptance plan develop communication strategy with stakeholders and establish communication plan identify external supplies required and develop procurement plan assemble project team

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