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A font foundry operation.

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  • Fontographer (industry jargon for one that draws fonts by hand).

    I started as a calligrapher at 10 years old in 1977. The operation is known today as SWMCA Catalogs. I started painting window signs in late 1979 the other painted signs a bit later. I went to webmastering beginning in 2001 and permanently from 2003 to 2009. SWMCA stands for Stephen Wayne McBride Calligraphic Agency. "Catalogs" is left in the name for historic reasons. While there's no SWMCA [type specimen] catalog in print now, there was one for many years, and it's how people in graphics remembered SWMCA for so long. SWMCA never shut down, but operations were suspended from late 2009 to 2012 when SWMCA Catalogs reopened to the general public. Today, SWMCA's sole operation is creating downloadable fonts. The days of painting signs and webmastering are now over, but you can now enjoy the SWMCA fonts that for many years were "not for sale at any price" [to keep competing sign painters from getting their paws on 'em] in your own home & office. Select SWMCA fonts (the freebies) are availible for download at The selection is small now, but between digitizing existing SWMCA fonts from the sign painting days and creating new, this font library will most likely grow more in the future.

My Life

  • Creating Fonts.

    Particularly the signpainter fonts I've created back when SWMCA was a handmade sign enterprise and digitalizing them for download.
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