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By: November 20, 2015
Thank you for taking part in the #FreelanceIsntFree Day of Action!

On November 19, freelancers and freelance-allies across the nation celebrated a #FreelanceIsntFree Day of Action. In Manhattan, we gathered at 7 different co-working locations to get campaign sign-ups, network with other freelancers, and spread the word about nonpayment. Nationally, freelancers rallied in thier home towns and online to show solidarity for the #FreelanceIsntFree movment!

If you haven't yet, join the campaign to end nonpayment and make the future of freelancing better for all.


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We spoke. President Obama listened.

“I am a bookseller, and thus a self-employed small business owner.

Right now, non-payment from clients is a huge issue for small business owners and freelancers. We are now 1/3 of the workforce, and 77% of us have had problems getting paid on time, but we have no protections ...

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