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We're promoting the interests of independent workers through advocacy, education, and services.

Who We Are

Freelancers Union is the largest and fast-growing organization representing the 56.7 million independent workers across the country. We provide our 500,000+ members a powerful support system and voice through policy advocacy, benefits, resources and community.

Membership is free and open to freelancers of all kinds, from graphic designers and contractors to entrepreneurs and moonlighters. Freelancers Union offers:

Freelancers Union was founded by Sara Horowitz in 1995. In 2008, we launched Freelancers Insurance Company, the first portable benefits model for freelancers that provided independent workers with high-quality, affordable, and portable health insurance. The union’s National Benefits Platform, launched in 2014, helps freelancers across America access insurance benefits, including retirement, life, liability, dental and disability.

Since its founding, Freelancers Union has fought for and won protections for freelance workers, including Unincorporated Business Tax reform, and has successfully advocated for new healthcare models. In 2016, Freelancers Union led a victorious campaign to enact first-of-its kind Freelance Isn't Free legislation in New York City giving freelancers unprecedented protections from nonpayment.

Rafael Espinal was named President and Executive Director in 2020.


Freelancers Union is a support system for all independent workers. Our mission is to promote the interests of independent workers through advocacy, education, and services. We build novel solutions to support independent workers so they can be secure and thrive, no matter how they work.

Two objectives drive us:

  • Mutual support and community

Bringing the diverse and disparate population of freelancers together—out of isolation and into a community—is at the base of all we do. In community, freelancers can support one another through the exchange of knowledge, networks, and encouragement.

  • Social entrepreneurship

Businesses in which social benefits are the real bottom line create a self-sustaining way to help people. Our services improve freelancers' lives and empower us to do our work—from issue advocacy and policy research to providing resources for members.

We believe these basic human rights are essential to ensuring all freelancers can live in dignity and security:

  • Affordable housing
  • Healthcare for all
  • Racial justice
  • Parity of wages, access, and rights for all workers, regardless of gender, orientation, ethnicity, or background


The Union is funded through your donations and the purchase of products through our site. In recognition of its goals, Freelancers Union has also received grants and other support from New York City and State, and from leading foundations.

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Your contribution is tax deductible and will support the 56.7 million workers pursuing a new American dream. Donate to Working Today, the nonprofit subsidiary of Freelancers Union.

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