Freelancing in America

A comprehensive study of the freelance workforce

2023 Freelance Economic Impact Report

We joined forces with Fiverr to bring you the sixth annual Freelance Economic Impact Report. With our expertise and collaboration, this report analyzes millions of tax returns, uncovering independent professionals' size, growth, and skills across the United States. This valuable data fuels our advocacy work, empowering us to champion the rights and needs of freelancers nationwide.

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57 million Americans freelanced this year

This study, conducted as a partnership between Freelancers Union and Upwork, reveals that 57 million Americans, representing 35% of the workforce, freelanced this year. This workforce contributes nearly $1 trillion dollars to the economy — that's 5% of GDP. It explores why 60% of freelancers say they choose to work for themselves, despite challenges such as affordable healthcare, savings, retirement planning, and fair payment.

Key findings

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