Freelancers Retirement Plan

Freelancers Union's 401(k) Retirement Plan helps freelancers save for retirement. Start saving now or rollover an old account.

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Why Retirement?

Being a freelancer doesn't mean your finances have to be in freefall. Retirement may seem far on your horizon, but the sooner you start saving, the more comfortable you'll end up. By enrolling in our freelance-friendly 401(k) plan, you'll be able to:

Roll with the punches.

Life is full of surprises, some more pleasant than others. A 401(k) can help shoulder the burden of unexpected medical costs and provide financial security for your loved ones.

Eliminate uncertainty.

As more people retire and live longer than ever, social security benefits continue to shrink. A retirement plan will put you in charge so your golden years remain rich.

Make your money work for you.

Saving now lets you plan for later. A 401(k) will give you a clear sense of your financial future as well as a cushion to pursue goals down the road.

Who is eligible?

Any freelancer who receives 1099 income is eligible, but you can't contribute to the Freelancers Retirement Plan and a SEP IRA (Self Employed Individual Retirement Account) in the same year.

We do the work for you

Not a financial planner? Don't worry. Our plan automatically readjusts as you get older, so that your investments are always working for you.

Freelancer friendly

Freelancers' income is always changing. That's why our plan has no minimums and lets you change your contribution every month. You can also make a big contribution at the end of the year to reduce your taxable income.

Better than going it alone

We work with some of the best and most trusted companies in the financial world to bring you funds that you couldn't get on your own. Milliman powers the plan's website and offers financial planning services. Charles Schwab Trust Company serves as the trustee of the plan