Meet Your Local Freelance Community

SPARK is our monthly member meetup for freelancers to come together, learn stuff, and build a fantastic local community.

May National SPARK: The State of Freelance Isn't Free

This month we'll meet on: May 24th at 1pm, National Event

SPARK meets during the first week of every month across the country. Join us to network, workshop your business, and build your local freelance community. During these times, we all need community, so we are pivoting temporarily to all online SPARK's, to meet your needs!

May National SPARK: The State of Freelance Isn't Free! Click the Eventbrite link below to register and join your local freelancers!

Interested in learning more about SPARK and signing up to engage in events in your city? Complete our interest form here and we'll be in touch shortly!

SPARK is sponsored by MetroPlus Health

SPARK Locations

I finally have work friends! After years of working solo from home, I finally have a community of other full time professional freelancers to collaborate with... it's like a combination of church, therapy, and business brainstorming every month. Even if you're a part time freelancer, or just exploring your options, this is the place to find your people!
Matt Nelson
Marketing Consultant and SPARK Leader
Madison, WI
SPARK events are great for freelancers who are at different stages of their careers. It’s a great way to learn from their guest speakers, and from other attendees. I personally have learned a lot vicariously through the other guests, as I know there is always more to learn. As one of the founding leaders in Brooklyn, I’m very proud of the community we have built with our freelancers. AND IT’S FREE!
Jalen Vasquez
Illustrator & Designer and SPARK Leader
Brooklyn, NY
Being in the SPARK leadership has helped to get our names known in the community and has allowed us to establish ourselves as knowledgeable and trustworthy resources for our members. The contacts we have made both in organizing guest speakers and getting to know our members are invaluable. We have also gained exposure to public speaking — a facet of business that not many get to hone on a regular basis.
Bridget Soden
Creative Director and SPARK Leader
Orange County, CA

Get Involved with SPARK!

Want to start or co-lead a SPARK in your city? We're looking for members interested in building empowered, local freelance communities! SPARK leadership is an opportunity to expand your network, grow your career, and mentor aspiring entrepreneurs.

Our most FAQs

What is SPARK?

SPARK is your local freelancing community, your free (yes, in this economy) place to learn, share, and grow your business all at once!

The first Wednesday of every month, we meet in cities across the country to discuss one of your most pressing freelancing issues. Instead of making every freelancer reinvent the wheel, we tackle common and not so common roadblocks together, strengthening individually and together.

Who should come to SPARK?

Do you freelance? Are you thinking about freelancing? Are you just interested in learning more about freelancing? Then SPARK is for you! From small business owners to graphic designers, from copywriters to musicians, and everything in between, the SPARK community is for all freelancers and interested parties, in all disciplines.

What kind of stuff will I learn about at SPARK?

SPARK is about creating a space for freelancers to learn together on topics relevant to building their business, getting new clients, doing their taxes, and more.

Our monthly workshops offer an amazing opportunity to connect with new and experienced freelancers, and did we mention they’re totally free?!

Can my business sponsor SPARK? What about partnering?

We happily work with freelance-friendly businesses interested in sponsoring our events on a national and local level. Email to learn more.

I can't attend! Is SPARK recorded?

SPARK is a member-led workshop and thrives on great, thoughtful conversation amongst peers. Currently, we don’t record the series.

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