Work until you die! [job resources]

Hey Mitten Freelancers, I thought I would start a thread for helping each other find work.
List and comment on seasonal gigs, part-time work, staffing agencies, and outright contract work that can be found in Michigan or the Great Lakes Region. I'll kick us off:

Available Work: seasonal photography (fall / winter / spring)
Work Type: 1099 Contract
Description: Exactly what it sounds like school picture photography covering the greater SE Michigan area.
I worked in-house with the graphic art's department for 3 years and still shoot the fall season with them. The company is relatively small and gives back quite a bit to schools and districts in poverty which of course means the pay is so-so but does offer scale in pay based on seasons worked. In-house the company does design, printing, and production of products with full time or seasonal work available. •

Company: Creative Circle
Available Work: Various Creative
Work Type: Gig Placement & Part/Full-Time Staffing
Description: Creative Circle is a National staffing agency with an office in Downtown Detroit. They offer a variety of work scenarios for a variety of trades. ex. graphic design, photography, writing, copy, and more.
THIS IS WORK MADE FOR HIRE (wfh)!! You do not own any of the intellectual property produced while working under Creative Circle unless you can negotiate it back from the client. Now that I've got that out of the way. The company pays weekly so long as your client has signed off on your hours all managed through an online portal and self-reported. This means no chasing pay! The downside is it makes negotiating more money difficult but also helps guard against scope creep; more hours more money. You can set minimum rates and can deny any opportunity without penalty. I only do gig-placement, however, a friend of mine worked 2 years full time with the advertising giant Commonwealth before they hired him onto their personal team.