Michael Dermer

New York, NY, US

Pioneer of the Health Rewards Movement

About Me

  • Work
  • Founder and CEO IncentOne

    Michael was the founder and CEO of IncentOne, the first company that in 2003 identified incentives in healthcare as a critical solution to driving consumer and provider engagement. Michael is considered one of the nation’s experts on rewards and incentives in healthcare.
  • Chief Incentive Officer - Welltok

    I am the Chief Incentive Officer of Welltok, one of the most innovative companies in the healthcare space.
  • Attorney - Mergers & Acquisitions

    Former M&A attorney with Willkie, Farr & Gallagher, a New York law firm.

My Life

  • National Health Rewards Program

    My mission = a national health rewards program that all Americans can sign up for, be healthy and earn rewards. Be Healthy & Be Rewarded.
  • Helping the "Lonely Entrepreneur"(tm)

    Use my experience of creating a movement in healthcare to help talented and passionate entrepreneurs overcome the feeling of being "alone" in the midst of the pressure and chaos to put in place the tools for success?
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